About the Process

'Responsible design goes far beyond what is simply fashionable. It serves the client, communicates clearly and solves the problem with style.’ Rooted in the belief that true creativity springs from deep understanding, we don't put pen to paper until we've met with you to know your need better. To truly reflect your personality, tastes, and vision, we begin with an in-depth conversation that usually involves a site visit for large projects. This visit gives us vital knowledge of your clues into your space, the setting, and the environment.

In the absence of a site visit, we work with photographs of the space planned for the installation, sharing superimposed images of the proposed design with you, for a realistic idea of the finish. We only move into execution once this visual comes to completion. At Earthen Symphony, the team and processes are finely tuned to each other to avoid any ambiguity from paper to implementation.

Our work includes the use of a diverse range of materials that include wood, steel, glass, terracotta, resins, copper, steel, silk, ACP, ceramics, onyx, semi-precious stones, and quartz crystals. We continuously keep ourselves abreast of the latest materials and technology to incorporate them in our designs. From our first meeting till the installation, from conceptualisation to finish, we work as partners in symphony with you!